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18 Majesta Suspension Issue

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  • 18 Majesta Suspension Issue

    Hi dudes,

    Just got the Crown sorted and I drove it into work, parked it up and noticed that the airbag levels are all shot. The questions has probably been asked a million times but:

    - How do you adjust the factory suspension levels?

    Is it just a matter of cleaning the sensor and letting it re-level? Would like to get it fixed coz it looks fkn stupid at the present

    Any advice let me know!

    Mr. Pink

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    Every single Lexus/Toyota with air sus I've ever seen has been uneven with the factory bags. But yeah you can fiddle with sensors to try and make it better but.. probably won't do much haha


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      Hmm... Maybe I'll just take it to a suspension shop and let them fiddle with it. I'll clean the sensor and see what that does, but at the present the front right is genuinely 1 inch too high hahahha.


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        1 inch aint too bad actually. You can try to adjust it down though simply turning the turnbuckle on the front from memory. Just remember what you do on the front right will have an effect on the rear left


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          Also it's probably higher to compensate for driver when you're in the car


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            I had a crack at the front right as I noticed the buckle spots were different on each wheel. It brought it down a touch, the rears are quite low and I know the compliance guys were fiddling with the rears. I'll have a look at that another time hahaha.

            Thanks for the advice but. Didn't know the fronts affected the rears O.o


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              Yeah because it's like a pivot right so any time you fiddle with one it inadvertently has an effect on another. Very mind fuck lol