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    Yesterday I drained the oil out of the auto in the misses V35. The oil came out just a tad thicker than water and a golden yellow colour, about 5L of oil came out. The oil that comes in the KTF-1 Tin was the same consistency but a blue colour. My brother seems to think that they put a blue dye in the new oil as an afterthought to identify which oil has been used, they may have not put a blue dye in the factory oil. Not sure on this.

    Pulled the pan off the auto, was very clean considering the 100,000km the car has done. There was a thin layer of gunk/burnt oil on the bottom of the pan, but no metal shavings so that's a win. There are 3 magnets on the bottom of the pan, which have locating humps so that they got back in the correct spot. Cleaned the pan with some petrol and a rag. Next was pulling out the metal filter which has a wire attached to it, so we just dropped it down and inspected it without detaching the wire. It was clean so it was bolted back in.

    I ordered an o-ring that is supposed to be changed when the auto is serviced, but for the life of me I couldn't find where it went.

    Everything went back together, I put 5L of oil in to start with, let the car run and get warm, cycled through reverse and drive a few times and checked the oil and was still low. Kept adding more all up I put about 5.7-5.9L of oil in. Took it for a drive and did a couple of full throttle pulls, everything seemed fine. Misses took it to work and back home and no problems and still says full.

    I did some stuff to the Gloria yesterday as well. I put the new spacers on, the spacers that I had on were actually 8mm not 10mm which I thought they were. Chucked the spacers and wheels on and they fit, took it for a spin, no speed wobbles, but the car is pulling to the left. It needs a front end alignment, which will be getting done soon.

    Had the rear up in the air as well so I tested the 8mm spacers on the rear, but the studs were too short so they didn't stay on. While the car was up in the air I took a hacksaw to the exhaust and cut off the bung in the 'resonator' pipe. I thought it would have made it louder, but it seems to so nothing.

    Heres a bit of a bonus flutter.


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      Originally posted by MOPSKI View Post
      My brother seems to think that they put a blue dye in the new oil as an afterthought to identify which oil has been used, they may have not put a blue dye in the factory oil. Not sure on this.
      As far as I know, what you used WAS factory oil. There was no aftermarket option created.

      Redline Shockproof is nicknamed Smurf's Blood because of its bluey colour, not sure if the colour is retained once its well used.

      Kind of surprised about the exhaust... I'm pretty sure I cut mine fairly close to the main tube and it was subtle but definitely audible.


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        Not sure dude, looking at the oil in the Gloria, its not blue either. When I bought the cars the guys from Autoproject mentioned that they only put ktf-1 when they service them, so I doubt that they would have changed it for compliance or shipping.

        Not sure if the oil retains its colour either, only way to tell is check it in 1,000km then at 20,000km and so on. But if people reckon there's 8L in the auto, then the 5.5L I put in would have mixed with the old oil. Might turn it green haha..

        I do have a diff back, so that makes most of the noise, I cut the pipe right at the end. After driving it all week it still doesn't sound any louder, it might be but doesn't seem noticeable, but when full throttle it does sound a bit like someone blowing through a straw.


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          well if you've got a catback already then yeah, doubt its going to improve much or sound different.


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            So.. I've been living under a rock for well a good 12 months, literally been idling through the daily grind we few call 'life'. Not much happened with the Gloria, few things needed attention.

            First one being, I had the car on a scissor jack, it collapsed and did some damage to the sideskirt and behind the sideskirt. Everything behind the sideskirt is fixed but the sideskirt still needs some fixing, its not too bad and its not getting any worse.

            Secondly the auto had been playing up on hot days, it started with that 30+degree day back in October, the auto went into limp mode and just before it went into limp mode the car would jerk (like bunny hopping a manual car) and end up stuck in 1:1 ratio, so I had to stop on the side of the road and let it cool down, once it cooled off a bit it flashed the CVT light on the dash 16 times when I started the car but seemed to be running fine, fast forward a few weeks and warmer days in the 30's and again, limp mode once again. It got progressively worse over the next few weeks coming into the end of October early November, the max temp tolerance for limp mode was getting less and less. I did a bunch of research on these CVT's and couldn't find a straight answer or solution to my problem all of the answers were 'buy a new auto' or 'do a 4/5 speed conversion' until I came across one post on SAU from a guy with a V35 with a CVT saying that he had the exact symptoms my car was having. The solution to his problem was the speed sensor in the auto had gone bad.

            So I ordered the sensor and waited, dealing with limp mode every day above 25 degrees. The sensor finally came and I got a friend with small hands to help me replace it. Its a tight squeeze but we managed to chuck the new sensor in, since then the auto has been shift ratios a lot smoother and no more limp mode on 30+ degree days which is a win.

            Thats all that has been done as of late, hopefully I can get a lot more things done this year. Front bar needs to be resprayed at some point as its pealing pretty bad and touch up paint didnt seem to stop it from pealing so thats something that need doing fairly soon.

            Added some photos of the sensor and where the sensor is located on the box.


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              Interesting, glad you got it sorted.. never thought a speed sensor would cause problems like that before.


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                yeah, pretty strange the issue would surface with warm temps. good stuff on getting it sorted.


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                  Its strange how it effected it, the guy that had the same situation plugged a scan tool that could read the trans sensors and took his car for a drive and said that the sensor went haywire 1 or 2 seconds before going into limp mode, which was exactly what mine did, my understanding would be that the due to the car being a CVT it relies heavily on the output speed of the trans VS the engine speed and calculate which ratio to choose depending on speed.

                  I would assume that due to the amount of hot and cold cycles the auto would do from everyday driving and the sensor being located just above the exhaust it would wear out and resistance wouldn't be accurate. Although when ordering the sensor a few websites and the website I ordered it from had it advertised as a temp sensor, so it could be a temperature and speed sensor in one as it did have 3 pins.

                  At the end of the day it seemed to fix the problem, I drove in 40+ degree day on Saturday and was on and off the throttle to try see if it would do it go into limp mode and it didn't.