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Neil's Blue 186 Toyota Crown Majesta 2006

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  • Neil's Blue 186 Toyota Crown Majesta 2006

    I will update and add some more info and photos later. Ill prob add heaps of keywords for SEO.

    I got my 2006 blue toyota crown majesta about a month ago.

    quick reference guide as i just changed the oil. Original oil filter was a Cooper z418 . I got a K&N oil filter with a nut. reference number HP-1002. Motor is same as lexus 430. Will suit 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 Toyota crown majesta. I read somewhere that it is 5.3 litres to fill her up (pretty selfish since i just bought a 5 litre bottle of oil. I think it might even be a bit more to fill her up on high 5.5 to maybe 5.8 litres

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    Yeah I just had my oil changed in mine too I recall it was a bit over 5 litres. Some stuff is the same as LS430 some stuff is a bit different, good cars though .. need pics and plans!


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      Above photos were from the Auction House before going to auction


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        Why a 186 Toyota Crown Majesta ?

        I have a r33 skyline i use at the track and for the occasion run up in the hills, my daily was a 2004 magna station wagna mainly for my dogs and for my bmx bike. Turning 40, i see most the Gen S kids driving around in newer cars than me, I thought I would treat myself to something nice. As I have a ruptured disc in my back I wanted something that drove nice as was kind on my back. As i can't leave a nice car stock, it had to at least be low with some good wheels. Evo's, chaser and r34 skyline were all on the list but the ride is prob not as comfy or forgiving on my back.

        My wife has a v36 skyline sedan and we absolutely love it. We test drove bmw, audi, lexus and these skylines are really truly great. As she had a sedan, I was going to get a coupe (manual). Talking to my broker, these cars are getting harder to get with good autos around $20k and manuals around $25k.

        I was really 50/50 on choosing a v36 skyline or a toyota crown majesta 186. Basically having the air suspension with adjustable ride height vs coilovers on a v36 was the thing that got it over the line.

        I went along to SA's finest VIP club meet (they have facebook page) and met up with Scott who had a black 180 athlete with aftermarket air bag suspension and sunroof. Great looking car and Scott was heaps helpful.

        Im not supertall but at 6"2 my head did just hit the roof with the sunroof - you lose prob an inch or two with the sunroof, so that is what I decided to go for.

        My wish list for my broker - Toyota Crown Majesta 186. Wasn't too keen on a 2004, as I wanted an 2005, 2006 or 2007. Black leather interior, no sunroof in either white or silver about 80-100k for around $15-16k for a good one. The white leather looked good but the dash colour was like a teak light wood and didn't look too good. It took about 3 months for me to get this car. He asked me on a couple of occasions if i would consider a sunroof as he found 4 or 5 "perfect cars". We did bid on an immaculate white one with 40km but from memory it went close or over $20k (with all fees). The reason why i didn't want a 2004 was that on most new model cars there is always a couple of little bugs or problems, that they iron out on the update model, so thats why i wanted a 2005 or later Toyota Crown Majesta 186.

        My broker rang me and said there was a nice blue 2006 up for auction. 1 elderly owner with 60,800km. Blue is rare, I never even considered a blue one but with this one owner, low km, no cracks on dash and with the doilies we decided i would put a bid in. My broker said "Maybe it is a bit too nice and might fetch the same sort of money as the previous white one". By now it was nearly 3 months of searching and I was getting a bit impatient, so I upped my bidding limit and we just got it, within about $100-200 of my top budget.

        My next below photos will be of my car at the docks


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          Quick video on me oil filter change on 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Toyota crown majesta V8 4.3 L 3UZ motor

          Original oil filter was a Cooper z418 . I got a K&N oil filter with a nut. reference number HP-1002.


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            After much research I got a K&N air filter. Part number KN 33-2220 which suits the V8 4.L motor found in our Toyota Crown Majesta. The codes/photos are wrong on the K&N website. After little to no help from K&N I decided to roll the dice and order this part number.

            This part is listed for the V8 3UZ motor

            It is the wrong shape so I went with this one for the v6

            Ive told K&N about their mistake as they recommended the wrong air filter a few times....


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              Photos below, when she arrived in australia and after i gave it a polish. Photo with John's 170 wagon at Muscle vs Tuner car meet Dec 2017

              zzzz251120171741.jpgzzz111120171694.jpgzzz251120171739.jpgzzzz101120171679.jpgzzz101120171691.jpgzzz101120171691.jpgzzzzzz101120171678.jpg 2017...

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                very nice, plenty of info here and helpful members to assist if needed!


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                  hey thats my car!


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                    So tidy and in Victoria too Everyone with a Majesta currently looking in envy at your not broken dash haha


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                      Just trying to fit my air suspension controller to toyota crown majesta uzs 186. Three pins unplug and install from the new harness. Its in the drivers side footwell - not easy to get to !!!



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                          When you first turn it on you must select UCF31 as the vehicle