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  • Mick's LS430

    * Re created the thread due to database issues *

    Purchased this LS430 off another member AndrewThai for $7500 bucks to replace my old LS400 "Lex" which went onto a new owner.
    The car was a stock LS430 Premium Luxury model.

    Premium Luxury were one step below Ultra Luxury (bar the reclining back seat)

    Factory Features
    • 3UZ V8
    • 5 Speed Auto
    • Electric Front seats with AC and Heating option
    • Factory Navigation with touch screen climate control
    • Smart Key Key-less start with proximity door unlock
    • Auto door close
    • Electric Rear curtain
    • Fold in Mirrors with auto tint and defrost option
    • Headlight washers

    The car needed a little bit of work done to get it up to scratch but at the price I was happy to sort these out.
    • Requires New boot struts
    • Required new drivers lower control arm ($345 later :| )
    • Requires new steering column motors
    • Requires front and rear bumper bars to be resprayed plus scratches repaired over the car

    Stock Images when I picked it up that night

    Silver 2001 Lexus LS430 Premium Luxury

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    Current Modifications (As of 24/11/2016)

    • Fabulous Profound 19x9 +35 19x10+36 Wheels with Kumho tyres (225 Front / 245 Rear)
    • Boldworld double bellow airbags / 2x Bold World 327 Compressor / 2x Bold World 4Gal Tanks / 1/4" Lines
    Motor and Running Gear
    • Tyco Chrome Up swept dual mufflers with Dual 4" tips.
    • Wald LED Tail Lights
    • Junction Produce Metal VIP Grill
    • IPF 6500k Driving light globes
    • 6000k HID Globes
    • OEM Style Japanese Factory Aero kit
    • Kazz Sports Indicator Mirrors
    • Aftermarket High Beam Projectors
    • 3x Halo Rings in Headlights with 12x White LED array
    • DELTA LED Strip indicators/parker lights
    • Fabulous Rear Wing
    • Vlene Rear roof spoiler
    • White Strobe lights in Parkers
    • D.A.D Valve caps with Swarovski crystals
    • Veloce Style VIP curtains on front doors
    • Veloce Style VIP curtains on rear doors
    • Veloce Style VIP Van curtains on back window
    • Braga Front VIP Table
    • Full LED light conversion
    • 7" RSPEC Woodgrain Trim Headrest monitors
    • Junction Produce Gold Tsuna
    • Junction Produce Navy Blue Fusa
    • ReMake Woodgrain/leather shifter knob
    • ReMake Diamond stitched neck cushions (rear seat)
    • Fabulous neck cushions (front seat)
    • ReMake Diamond stitched tissue box cover.
    • Clazzio Woodgrain leather steering wheel
    • D.A.D Seat belt buckle covers with swarovski crystals
    • Custom rear seat VIP tables
    • Phoenix Gold Elite 6.5" Component Front Speakers
    • AudioControl LC-4.800 4 Channel Amplifier
    • AudioControl EPIC-600 Monoblock Amplifier
    • AudioControl DM-810 Processor
    • Stinger HPM 8000 Series RCAs
    • Stinger HPM Pure Copper 0Ga Cable
    • Full Custom Trunk Install
    • Phoenix Gold Elite 12" Subwoofer
    • iSimple CarConnect Bluetooth kit
    • Japanese 30 Celsior EMV Unit including Minidisk Player
    • Custom Infotainment system based off Raspberry Pi3 with 9" Sainsmart Touchscreen in dash
    • OEM Climate Control relocated to center console
    Silver 2001 Lexus LS430 Premium Luxury


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      When Wheels were fitted before lowing

      When lowered first on the Final Konnexxion Coilovers which were replaced with Insurance Group coilovers later due to a failing front coilover

      Stock boot gutted for start of audio system install - So much room!

      30 meters of just speaker cable to integrate the Audison BitOne Processor to the factory UCF30 Amplifier.

      After installing 25mm spacers to the rear to pump out the rear offset.

      LED Tailights installed. Required 3x SMD LED's to be replaced which were sourced from Jaycar for $15 Bucks.

      New exhaust tips installed and front grill blacked out

      Rear curtains installed into car
      Silver 2001 Lexus LS430 Premium Luxury


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        Currently working on fitting a UCF31 Series 2 Reclining back seat from Ultra Luxury model which Kuraun (Nick) had surplus.
        Turns out the bolts fit, the wiring is now sorted so its just a matter of finding the correct grey back seat arm rest as I can swap the leather from my old back seat to it to make it work.
        Silver 2001 Lexus LS430 Premium Luxury


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          So after going back and forward over and over about wheels,
          I just bought a set of new rear wheels for the LS430.

          AME Shallen A/X 19x9.5 +35.

          The AME Shallen A/X are the same style looking wheel as the Work Ryver DT4 / Rays Arthur Exchange A/X / etc.
          So these will match the current front 19x8 +35 wheels I have now.

          Couldn't say no at the price ($120 bucks AUD) so should be here in about 2 weeks.

          Plan is to blast the paint off these as well as my current fronts and respray them a slightly darker metallic silver with a lot of flake (fleck whatever you call it)
          Something like this color below...

          Then fix up the gutter rash and re-polish the lips to match the fronts.
          Attached Files
          Silver 2001 Lexus LS430 Premium Luxury


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            Madddd! They are going to look great and the price is dirt cheap! Nice pick up Mick!


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              Haha so cheap, nice !


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                So wheels arrived today. So much dish...

                Now to get rash sorted and decide on wheel center color
                Silver 2001 Lexus LS430 Premium Luxury


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                  Dish for days! So good!
                  "Nice Stagea mate, yeah I had one of those a few years ago"


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                    maddddd, get some tyres on them asap!


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                      This weekend brought the first Admin trip to Newcastle to meetup with Breno!
                      After staying the night at Nick (Kuraun)'s house on Thursday night, it was the long trip to Newcastle via Sydney in the LS430.

                      (See the random photos section for images of the trip)

                      Whilst there, we visited Sumo Jap Spares in Sydney and I picked up a Firesports Japan UCF30 Series 1 Lip kit for the LS430 and a aftermarket Japanese wood grain steering wheel for a steal.

                      Bodykit was roughly fitted to the car for the trip back as we couldnt fit in in the car with Sturgey, KURAUN and myself in the car.

                      The Steering wheel.
                      Silver 2001 Lexus LS430 Premium Luxury


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                        Kit is going to look soooo good when its all fitted and painted properly!


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                          Wow the kit completely changes the car!


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                            Looking good. Never know what you'll find at the wreckers!


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                              Do they clear the exhaust tips ok?
                              Looks good, great find