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Long time coming... Y32 Cedric gloria granturismo

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  • Long time coming... Y32 Cedric gloria granturismo

    Hey all, thought I'd start a thread on it anyway. I'm sure you guys have seen the car. and as I mentioned in my newbie post - its a car I've followed since 2006. Before I even had a reason to move to australia. and after 10 years - the car is finally mine.

    Long and short of it is -

    1994 nissan cedric Y32 Gloria granturismo
    VG30DE non turbo
    on JIC SF coiloves
    19x9 and 19x10 work wheels

    few small bits here and there.

    anyway, here are some updated photos I've taken for those who have asked for it. It still rpesents beautifully however now wears from stone chip scars etc and needing a bit of mechanical TLC which I am looking to give it. I'll just do a photo dump then discuss plans on the next post

    (LHF bar hangs low probably broken clip. Ill get to that at some point)

    had my mate drive it and took the Cadillac for a local repco opening

    The LHS of the car seemed lower. (turns out the lock ring unlocked and the car wound itself down. looked good anyway lol)

    then went out and did a shoot with a proper camera.

    last owner might have taken it through a lazer wash as the wheels had a bit of staining

    not 100% but a meguiars powerball and cutting compoudn helped

    front sus knocking bad. no bushing left in radius rods

    replaced that however still knocking and have a turning spring noise. coilovers might be cactus. but given that noone makes any bar JIC ($2600 for a set) I might go the way of converting to S13 coilovrs.

    could hear an exhaust leak and when I got it on the hoist I connfirmed where from

    reinstalled cup holders (one missing the lower stabilizer so I used the bamboo shoot scents lol)

    also installed the sessions neck pads (if you turn them over they are still burnt. Just to remind me of how far the car has come)

    thats it for now haha

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    Great to see this car is getting the love it needs!
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      I'll need to get it down to melb at some point when I visit the in laws and come cruise.


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        Love it man seems like your the man to get it back up to its formerl glory!


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          Originally posted by loveb View Post
          I'll need to get it down to melb at some point when I visit the in laws and come cruise.
          Would be neat actually. That has me thinking of an idea infact...
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            I might be down easter long weekend. If I can get it onto my trailer I'll bring it down haha. otherwise if suspension all sorted I'll drive it down


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              Also, put on (as in taped in for now lol) the puddle lights. originally I thought they wouldnt be bright but I reckon they are ok.

              They're currently wired into the original controller with just an on and off switch and two patterns. I want them to fade on and off when I open doors so I might go to Jaycar and see if they have any suitable ones so I can bypass the module. Also, I want to put an override switch so I can have them on while driving for rolling shots lol


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                Looking good man!


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                  You can use a interior light delay and dimmer module, Jaycar do have a kit. You will have to see how it works in regards to voltage decrease speed etc, as those kits were designed for a incandescent interior globe back in the 90s :P

                  however the kit is like 15 bucks so give it a go.

                  Puddle lights look rad however. Good job.
                  Silver 2001 Lexus LS430 Premium Luxury


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                    Yeah just rung jaycar and he's all I dont think it will work on yours. lol seems to be only $22 so worth a try anyway. I will just install the lights tonight with the sticky tape it has and hope it holds lol. then I'll wire it to the module and the lighter plug for now so i can atleast have working puddle lights.

                    Then I'll try the fade module and see if they work. if not I'll just have them come on and off full blast when I open doors/unlock car and have an override switch so I can have them on when doing rolling shots haha. Otherwise I'll keep them on and find a newer set thats friendlier with dimming as opposed to these diode looking ones.


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                      Got impatient and just wired the puddlelights into the module then into the cig plug. I'll wire them into the doors at some point and just put an override switch so I can have them on when I want.

                      as usual... took pics. LOL


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                        Looks good bud.
                        I have mine wired off a switch in my center console and off the door trigger as well. Works well.

                        Whats next on the mod list?
                        Silver 2001 Lexus LS430 Premium Luxury


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                          Looks cool! Any plan to even out the height?


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                            yeah im annoyed at how high the rear is. I will lower it back down this coming week. cant take wheels off as last owner forgot to give me the lock nuts lol

                            next on mod list I will have to see. Finally got a reply back from air ride in the USA so maybe that. but I just wanna sort out the few niggles it has before I spend money modding it and not making it drive any better


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                              Wise decision.

                              Maybe some camber in the rear is needed for desired height. Hopefully you dont need suspension arms...